Old Classics & New Favorites: Festival Films You’ll Love Based On Your Current Favorites

Choosing which film to go to see at a film festival is tough–there’s only one screening, and tickets for films are sold in a block of time so you want to know the screening you pick is the best one.  To help you decide which film to see, here are some comparisons to some beloved films and shows already out there so you can see which must-see film could be added to your list of favorites.

If you like Orange is the New Black you’ll love Pretty Bitch


Pretty Bitch by Rebecca Coley is the first film that will be shown during our festival. It is a hard film, but so worth the watch: the main character is a young woman in prison whose sense of divine justice makes Pennsatucky’s religious fervor pale in comparison…

If you like Girls you’ll love I Am Not A Weird Person 

If Hannah Horvath’s struggles during season two of Girls rang true for you, be sure to catch Molly McGlynn’s zany Canadian short I Am Not A Weird Person. Expect a surprisingly amusing take on curious routines, agoraphobia, and toothpaste. Repeat eight times.

If you like Say Yes to The Dress you’ll love Am I Not Your Girl?


Love the family drama and Mean Girls-esque behaviour that comes with weddings? Then Xavery Robin’s Am I Not Your Girl? is a must-see. Conflicting opinions come to a head just as Lena is about to walk down the aisle…

If you like Buffy The Vampire Slayer you’ll love Evangeline 


Life on the Hell Mouth is tough to say the least, and things seem equally complicated for our heroine, Eva, in Karen Lam’s supernatural thriller Evangeline. While the Slayer opted to fight supernatural forces, Eva is presented with a choice–vengeance or salvation? Let’s hear it for ladies who kick ass.

If you like Moonrise Kingdom you’ll love Finsterworld 


If Wes Anderson’s cinematic vision floats your boat, Frauke Finsterwalder’s dark comedy Finsterworld definitely will. Following the stories of several different groups of people including charmingly selfish parents, unlikely sweethearts, and eccentric loners, Finsterworld has all the little details and symbols sure to catch the eye of any cinephile.

For full festival schedule, click here.
For details about screenings, click here.

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